Victor JOT tournament

Coach map


Click here to view the coach map with important information about the tournament

Covid Travel rules


For an up to date set of rules about traveling to Belgium Click here.

u17 entry list


Badminton Europe has published the entry list for our u17 tournament. Click here to visite the entry list page

Ranking used: BEC European U17 Ranking from 14 March 2022

Booking Basiliek hotel


We have heard that a lot of teams tried to book rooms in the Basiliek hotel. To not overload there hotel management. It is only possible to book this hotel through our organisation.

So if you have any questions about availability. Please contact our registration team.

hotel information


If your are in need of some more information about our preferred hotels. This document will answer your biggest questions about: booking, contact information, location,... View document

Registration forms

This year, we will be glad to welcome you as from Thursday April 14. Our tournament will take place from friday April 15 until Monday, April 18 2022. We have the following documents for you:

  • A document with some general information about the tournamentrules ,about entries and prices for U11, U13 and U15.
  • The same document with the rules for U17. They differ on some points, because of it being a BEC U17 tournament.
  • An intention of participation form, which you can use to tell us you will participate to the tournament, but don't know the exact player names yet.(for U11, U13 and U15)
  • The general entry form for U11, U13 and U15.

Dates 2022


We are very happy to announce that our preparations for the 2022 editions of the Victor JOT tournament. Are on there way.

The team is very optimistic about organising the tournament. After a few though years, were we had to cancel due to COVID-19.

The dates for our 2022 edition are:


    saturday 16 april
    sunday 17 april
    monday 18 april


    friday 15 april
    saturday 16 april
    sunday 17 april
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